Neuro-ophthalmology fellowship

The UBC neuro-ophthalmology program has continuously offered a fellowship training program to neurologists and ophthalmologists since 1994. Both two-year and one-year positions are available. The fellowship provides the opportunity to attend neuro-ophthalmology clinics five days a week with four different academic staff members at Vancouver General Hospital, St Paul's hospital, and BC Children's hospital. As these university centers are the only academic neuro-ophthalmology units in the province, and affiliated with large ophthalmology and neurology university departments, the clinics provide a wide exposure to all neuro-ophthalmologic problems and their management.

Fellows will also participate actively in the teaching of ophthalmology and neurology residents, and medical students who attend clinic. Twice a month there are morning rounds in which the fellows present interesting cases for discussion by the neuro-ophthalmology staff and residents. Once every quarter the neuro-ophthalmology team also presents grand rounds for ophthalmology or neurology.

Fellows are encouraged to participate in research activities, particularly during a second year of fellowship. In addition to clinical studies, the neuro-ophthalmology unit has affiliations with several basic scientists in the department of psychology, who have programs on motion perception, ocular motor control, and other aspects of visual processing. The human vision and eye movement laboratory at the eye care center has a program investigating higher cerebral dysfunction and eye movements in patients. There are also active functional imaging research programs within these groups.

For further information, please contact us: Dr. Duncan Anderson, fellowship director.

Current fellows:
NIpat Aui-Aree NIpat Aui-Aree
Julie-Anne Espino, Laguna, Philippines Anthony Fok, Monash University, Australia
Neuro-ophthalmology fellowship alumni:
Briar Sexton
  • Briar Sexton, 2005-6
  • (Halifax)
  • Rashmin Khair
  • Rashmin Khair, 2004-6
  • (Ghana)
  • NIpat Aui-Aree
  • Nipat Aui-Aree, 2003-5
  • (Thailand)
  • Amadeo Raul Rodriguez
  • Amadeo Rodriguez, 2007-8
  • (Argentina)
  • Martin SuttonBrown
  • M SuttonBrown, 2007-8
  • (Calgary)
  • Martin SuttonBrown
  • Travis Pollock, 2008
  • (South Africa)
  • Amadeo Raul Rodriguez
  • Anand Moodley, 2008
  • (South Africa)
  • Amir Mani
  • Amir Mani, 2008-9
  • (Singapore)
  • Jo-Anne Pon
  • Jo-Anne Pon, 2009
  • (New Zealand)
  • Mathias Abegg
  • Mathias Abegg, 2008-9
  • (Switzerland)
  • Alex Lange
  • Alex Lange, 2009-10
  • (Switzerland)
  • Jean Chuo
  • Jean Chuo, 2010-11
  • (Vancouver)
  • Olufunmilola Ogun
  • Olufunmilola Ogun, 2010-11
  • (Nigeria)
  • Michael Dreyer
  • Mike Dreyer, 2011
  • (Australia)
  • Mishal Abualmelh, 2011-12
  • (Kuwait)
  • Taim Muayqil, 2011-12
  • (Saudi Arabia)
  • Sona Khitcho
  • Sona Khitcho, 2012-13
  • (Syria)
  • Ndreane Lavallee
  • Andréane Lavallée, 13-14
  • (Quebec)
  • Danny Lelli
  • Danny Lelli, 2013-14
  • (Ottawa)
  • Lucas Viana
  • Lucas Viana, 2014-5
  • (Argentina)